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Unwins Pea (Maincrop) Hurst Greenshaft 30 Seeds

Unwins Pea (Maincrop) Hurst Greenshaft 30 Seeds

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Variety of delicious pea, great for eating raw straight from the plant, steaming or adding to salads. Particularly good for freezing, simply blanch and bag up for future meals.

Make a flat-bottomed shallow row 15cm (6in) wide and water the soil well. Sow about 10 seeds per 30cm (12in) in a zig-zag formation along the row. Cover the seeds with 2cm (3/4in) of soil and firm it down. Allow 60cm (24in) between rows if sowing multiple rows.

As plants grow support them in a framework of netting and pea-sticks. Plants will reach an eventual height of 75cm (30in).

Please note: Birds are particularly attracted to the young stems as they appear. Be vigilant and use netting if need be.

Keep plants well-watered and feed with a high-potash fertiliser as the plants come into flower.

Harvest from June to July, and freeze if you require peas for future meals. Simply slice, blanch in boiling water, drain, cool and bag up

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