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Pepper (Chilli) Aji Delight Seeds

Pepper (Chilli) Aji Delight Seeds

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Pepper (Chilli) - Aji Delight

This variety is a real rarity. Aji Delight has a full baccatum flavour, but no heat. The plant is vigorous, easily grown, and produces a huge crop of good size bullet shaped red chillies. The delicious chillies are fairly thick walled and ideal for adding a new flavour to salads or as a garnish to a whole range of dishes. In fact, they can be used with advantage to replace bell peppers in the kitchen.

Sow indoors from February to April, in soil 0.5 cm deep, in separate pots if possible. Pot on in late May outdoors either in containers as patio plants or in a well protected site. Peppers can be slow to germinate so allow up 35+ days. Compost should not be too moist to prevent the seeds from rotting. All chilli peppers are very sensitive to the cold.

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