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Lettuce Incised Leaf Salanova Haflex RZ (79-66) (Octagon replacement) Seeds

Lettuce Incised Leaf Salanova Haflex RZ (79-66) (Octagon replacement) Seeds

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Vegetable - Incised Leaf Lettuce - Salanova - HAFLEX RZ (79-66) (Expertise replacement)

Haflex is a red crispy type ideal for greenhouse cultivation in hydroponics.

The variety has a compact, upright growth habit combined. The strongly incised, flexible leaves are pleasantly mild. Haflex is strong against bolting. Ideal for commercial sales with a long shelf life

Haflex is a Salanova® variety. This amazing type is designed for one cut to  separates the leaves into multiple evenly proportioned, ready-to-eat, leaves. Salanova® lettuce have up to three times more useable leaves than traditional lettuce. 

If you grow at home you can harvest the fresh leaves as you need them.

This is a top quality commercial variety from Rijk Zwaan now available for everyone to try. It is foil packed for extra freshness.

Sow from January to July.

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